7 Steps to Selling Your Home For More


Discuss and Develop a Game Plan

The first step is a quick and informal meeting where we sit down and I ask you a few questions to help me focus on how I can best meet your needs. This helps me formulate a plan for how to get the most for your home.


Execute Our Game Plan

After the offer is accepted, I help you keep on track executing our game plan. My role is to here is to be your advisor and keep the deal on track, marching toward closing.

Staging and Marketing Consultation

Consider this a makeover for your home. We will get together and tour the property, and I will advise you how to put your home’s “best foot forward” before we list it for sale.



Close the Deal

This is the process of signing all of the legal paperwork to make your home sale official. At the end, the keys are exchanged, and you get paid!



Set the List Price

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will advise you on selecting the right price. My goal here is to get you priced competitively for a swift sale.





I like to celebrate by taking my clients out to a dinner of their choice. It’s my fun way of saying thank you for your business.

Choose an Offer and Negotiate

We now have the opportunity to negotiate. My job during this step is to help you figure out the right balance of terms to get you the best possible deal for your home.I will advise you in selecting the best offer.


Get Started




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Sold in 3 Days for Full Price!

Megan is a sweet, knowledgeable and highly effective realtor. She helped me develop a staging and kitchen updating plan, focusing on where to get the most bang for my buck. She developed a realtor walk-through video and had professional pictures taken to market my property in a most engaging manner. As a result, I sold my home within 3 days for full asking price!

The Expertise You Need

Megan was extremely knowledgeable regarding every step of the selling process and she was very patient with us. She provided us with sound advice and never pushed us one way or the other. She kept us up to date with everything and was very easy to contact for questions. She was very encouraging, supportive and was always smiling.

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